Frederick Historic District

The Frederick Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973 and the boundaries were expanded in 1988. The Frederick Historic District is locally significant for its role as the seat of Frederick County and as a regional market and industrial center in Maryland's Piedmont region from the eighteenth century to the mid-twentieth century.

The district is also significant for its architecture which exhibits the range of architectural styles that characterize the mid-Atlantic region from Federal and Greek Revival, through Italianate, Romanesque and Queen Anne to the Colonial and Spanish Revival of the early twentieth century. The Period of Signicance for the Frederick Historic District is 1745 - 1941.

Properties listed on the National Register of historic Places receive a degree of protection from federally licensed or funded projects that might adversely affect them. Properties designated by the City of Frederick, including the Frederick Town Historic District, are subject to additional regulations. Please contact the Planning Department at 301-600-1499 for more information.

Database Inlcudes Following Information Where Available
  • Identification of properties as either contributing or non-contributing to the significance of the National Register Frederick Historic District.
  • Digital images dating from 1969-1983 that were created from the City's slide collection.
  • Digital survey images dating from 2002-2008.
  • A link to property specific information in the Maryland Historical Trust Historic Sites Survey database.